When Siri is the only person who’s there for you, it kinda makes you realise being friended is not the same thing as having friends


Why does our generation feel compelled to tweet every item that goes into their mouths


#you know this some real shit cause if you’re in the rain for like five minutes in jane austen you get all sick #and have to be ‘bedridden’ and ‘fussed over’ #so he went out after her in the regency equivalent of a shootout just to be like #’I LOVE YOU BUT YOUR FAMILY IS POOR AND EMBARRASSING’


- I’m sorry..


- I’m sorry..

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my anaconda don’t want none

unless you got puns hun

→“I need more Richard Armitage on my dash” (1201 of ?)

“I need more Richard Armitage on my dash” (1201 of ?)